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Welcome to ErrorExplorer.com.

The Web has grown enormously over the past decade, so did the number of web sites around the globe. According to some sources on the Web, the number has surpassed the staggering 200 million mark as of 2009. Due to the Web's huge and rapid growth, web technologies, standards and requirements for the web sites have not only grown significantly as a number, but have also evolved to levels quite complex for the millions of small web guys to understand and apply correctly. As a result of these changes the number of both hidden and visible web errors around the Web has already reached to a critical point. The issue is believed to be as serious as it may leave tens of millions of web sites behind today's web standards and requirements should they be strictly applied. To make things look even gloomier, those web errors on your web site, even though sometimes small enough to pay attention to, are making your web site vulnerable to external attacks in many different ways. The smallest problem here is that your web errors are negatively impacting your overall web presence by sometimes preventing those smart robots from getting your web site indexed and classified properly and what's even worse may often be turning away your visitors.

We do understand that it is almost impossible for each web site out there to hire a professional web developer to deal with those errors on a regular basis. That's why what we are trying to do here with the ErrorExplorer.com is to put up a platform online, capable enough to explore and discover web errors, based on a number of parameters and criteria, in a vast array of web sites and generate reports for those to be made publicly available for the web site owners and masters to pick up and react accordingly. Due to the complexity of this task many technological parameters and criteria, your web site to be checked up against, cannot be included in the automated error exploration, and will only be made available on request by the web site owners/masters as a custom comprehensive errors report for your web site.

And since it seems we sound kinda way too serious ( we do not really want to sound like those old fashion antivirus guys ;-)... ), here is something to make you feel better. In general you should not worry that much about your minor web errors (as long as they are not fatal, of course, but if so, the chances are you will discover them way before us), because the big guys on the web are trying to ignore most of them in their daily work (the best guess here is they have no alternative) while the bodies governing the Internet as a whole are often not applying them so strictly. So, relax and let us explore whatever errors we may be able to find on your web site while you enjoy your life and business.

Last revised on Feb, 2010.